Thursday, 3 July 2014

This month's beauty favourites

Hey Snowflakes!
So today I thought that I would share my June Favourites and new purchases.
These products I have specifically picked out because they have been of great use within the past month.
All of the products will be listed down bellow:

No7 Cream Blush in ''Natural''
What I like about this blush is how you can use it on the cheek and also on your lips for a natural matte look. It is not oily whastover and compliments my skin tone perfectly. The packaging is really neat and compact, great for travelling. The colour ''Natural'' is a really pretty deep rose pink which just gives my cheek an enhanced flushed look but nothing too harsh. However, it is not very pigmented which: means for a more deeper look you will need to layer more product on, but I like that because it's easier to control how much of it you want to use. Yes, this does budge when my face starts to turn oily, so I make sure I add a powder blush on top which is actually a very close shade to this blush. By doing that it makes the blush stand out more and last much longer. 

(Recent Purchase)
Rimmel Natural Bronzer
This is the first bronzer I've ever owned, yes I am sort of new to this part of the make-up world. I used to use a Sleek face powder which was a dark tan shade but the effecg wasn't what I wanted. So I picked this bronzer from Rimmel. What I like about this bronzer is how it gives my already tanned face a subtle glow because I can lightly conture under my cheek bones and jaw area which doesn't get a lot of sun exposer. 
However, it is actually quite sheer so don't expect to get a full load of bronzer on your brush or face within the first sweep, depending on your skin tone it will take a couple of latyers. 
As you might read it also says that it is ''waterproof'', I cannot compeltly agree to this because I noticed that the product disapears from my skin after a short period of time - maainly because of either sweat or oil. 
Overall, it is a good bronzer. I rate it 3/5 stars.
(Recent Purchase)
Rimmel Gel Liner in Black
This is the product  I have not stopped using since I first bought it. This is also my first gel liner, I've been meaning to get this for a long long ttime so I was very excited to buy this. Before I used to only use pencil eye liners so again, I am new to this part of the make up world. But that's good right? I can give you all a fresh appraoch to gel liners. I really like how this product is easy to use, it is super creamy and super pigmented. Applying it on your eyes with the brush that's included is so easy, you could do it anywhere. I speak from personal experiences as I did my eye liner at the bus stop before school the other day. 
This eye liner is also water proof and sweat proof, whenever I wear it I know I don't have to worry about my eyeliner throughtout the day because it does not smudge or disapear completly - unless my face produces a lot of oil- It lasts for a long time. But dont get scared, yes it is actually really easy to take off as well. You can use your normal eye makeup remover or even just water on a cotton pad and it will come off right away. I really like this gel liner and I do recommend. 
(Recent Purchase)
Rimmel by Kate Moss Eyeshadow Pencil in Rose Gold
This is another rimmel product which I love. This eye shadow stick is the perfect eye shadow base. It is creamy, easy to blend, plus it is waterproof and lasts throughout the day. This can be used on its own as you're normal eyeshadow since the colour of it is such a beautiful rose gold colour. I feel like this shade can compliment any skin tone. It can also be used as an eyeshadow base since the consistency is creamy and your eye shadows will stick to it. This product is great for the summer! you could even use it as a brozner-highlighter, 
I absolutly recommend this!

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