Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Experimenting with a camera and light

4/4/2014 - Fashion and Stitch competition

This was one of the greatest experiences I've had with fashion so far, in my life.

When they announced the winners 

Group Photo's

Another lovely Group Photo 

 Me and Iqra with our models 

The Three finale dresses

I felt so shocked and so nervous during the entire thing! It was over-whelming in a totally amazing way! 

Some of the other graduates work

Will never forget this day. My first Runway.

Roses are Red At Fall

Sunday, 26 October 2014

First half term of sixth firm

Hey everyone!
So it's finally half term again! Or in other words "catch up and revise" week cause you're not in school. It's not very flattering , unless you enjoy working then kudos!.

It Has really been one crazy, quick and jam packed 7 weeks since the beginning of term. I never though sixth form  would be so different from the structure system I'd been in for 5 years. Wow, time has flown by. It's weird because I feel like there's less pressure on my sixth form - but maybe it's because there's a smaller number of us, therefore there's more trust.
Albeit, I really do like it that way. I like having freedom and trust, but also more  discipline which I get in my sixth form now.

As for uniform: I feel like my style changes every day still. I haven't found my signature  style yet but it's getting there. I like wearing smart, business casual outfits because i think it makes me look clean and presentable, which kind of motivates me to act more mature and it just gives off that vibe.
I don't usually dress in smart clothing so I like how I'm able to switch between different styles everyday and create different vibes from each outfit to sort of base my day from.
As for time, it's usually very easy to come up with an outfit in the morning and be ready on time. But it's really putting on makeup that takes up most of my left over time and more hence why I often run to catch my public transport. 
Time is definitely of the essence every morning. . But of course on those kinda of downer days, it's okay to look a little less put together but still somewhat presentable for sixth form.

I'll get to revision in another post. But for now that's all I have to share. :)


Saturday, 11 October 2014

School locker snacks! If you're on a budget

In the past I've tried to maximise my lunch spends up to £10 a week because I didn't want to be a hassle. Now that I am in sixth form, food is crucial to learning!.

So here are some snack ideas to keep in your locker just in case you get hungry during the school day:

(note: some of the items may involve microwaves since some sixth fork rooms do have access to microwave)

1. Popcorn (pre made at home or microwave packets)
2. Trail mix (In jar or zip lock)
3. A pack of rice cakes (sealed in a zip lock)
3. Sweet Potatoe chips (in packets)
4. Pretzels (in small packs or zip lock)
5. Cookies (in a sealed zip lock)
6. Sweetcorn (in a can)
7. Unsalted tortillas
8. A few bottles of water
9. Skittles
10. Box of granola bars
11. Coffee sachets (I know it's not a snack)
12. Cup a soup (don't eat too frequently)
13. Crackers (In sealed zip locks)
14. Mini packs of almonds
15. Sachets of dried fruit

I may add to this list after a while but that's all I got for today.
I tried to keep the items as healthy ad possible.

Further notes:
-don't leave your food there for a long time. No more than a week with opened or pre cooked items. Always check the expiration date.
-make sure you keep your locker neat and tidy. Throw all trash away.
- lockers are for books and not a dry cupboard so don't store a ton of food.
-be sanitary? Keep all of your food items in Secure zip locks. I would probably bring a medium plastic box to store all of the food, separated from food and gym wear etc.
-you could also leave in a small amount of utensils or a plastic spork needed. It might even be handy to keep napkins and sanitiser as well too.
-throw all the uneaten food before you take a school break or long weakened so it does not rot in your locker and you avoid food poisoning. Just be hygienic basically!
-don't leave dairy products either.

That's all for today I hope you got some inspirations from this. :)
Happy savings!


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Little paper dress

When I was little I would steal the memo pad papers from the study and make little dresses or folded type figures out of them. I made a paper dress today, and I haven't made one in a long time.
It was meant to be a tight fit paper dress with a sharp wide hip. Unfortunately I didn't measure it in right. Also I stuck the bodice on the wrong side so it was really out of proportion. 

I don't have the paper dress anymore since I somehow lost it during lunch today.  But I at least have these pictures as a little sentimental reminder. :)

Scared to see you go..

Was sorta hoping that you'd stay.

Just one of those gloomy rainy days.