Monday, 14 July 2014


So ever since I've gotten off school my mornings and evenings have conisisted of watching movies on netflix! honestly, I'm so glad to have this because it keeps me sane. By that I mean: there isn't a lot of entertaining activities to endulge in at home - so I've kept myself busy with movies.

1. Nick and Nora's Infinite playlist
I found this film quite entertaining since I love music based movies. I like how there was range of music invovled and the story only revovles around all of the events that occur in one night. I won't give anything else away. The story like in pretty good. Although I felt like there wasn't a lot of spark between the two protagonists. Nevertheless, it's a great 'feel-good' film with decent amount of comedy and a mixture of adventure, music and romance...

2. Stuck In Love
I honestly love this movie. The overall story line is very good, I feel like it is relatable to many people as it portrays many types of relationships all in one movie. The different climaxes throughout definately kept my attention. I would say the movie could be for: a girls' night in, or a couple's night in, or even something to watch alone. I personally really enjoyed this film.

I still have yet to finish a couple of other movies. All of the other films that I have seen, I will not include for now.

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