Tuesday, 10 September 2013

School stress and Exams

Hello everyone! how are you doing? I'm fine thanks. :)

So, I wanted to start this blog in a positive sort of way. Even though the title seems very demurring subject.In this blog I will be talking about my current exam and My previous school year. Don;t worry, I wopnt bore you with numbers. :D . I don't know who else is reading this, but you can probably relate to it. Especially if you are a Student.And if you are 'HHEEYY!'

Now we all know school is a place where literally almsot everything happens in. So much drama, cahos and all that kinda jazz. But of course it's also a happy place where you can be with your friends and people who can support you. It can also be an escape from the boredom of home. (jk ;) ). I recently started school, and I went in pretty positive on my first day. It's my last year before the 'Here comes the rest of your future NOW' period. And I wanted to enjoy it. High School, or Secondary school as we call it here, is the most tangible part of your life where you basically mature and develope. Where you learn to mistakes and then correct them. I ave had a pretty interesting journey through my las four years of secondary school. There's been a lot of amazing memeories I will cherish forevermore. And also big bleak balls of stupid crappy memories I wish never happened and could ultimatly exclude from my system. But, it's not that easy.
      So, I had a really rough period last semester. It wasn't the best. There were lots miserable events and so many bad memories. And I think my 4th year at secondary school was the most difficult one to get through. However, academically wise it was pretty great. At the end of the year I recieved a really big award from my school which I never in my whole school life, ever expected. It was a really amazing trophy to remind me of how I used all the regrets and mistakes, and made it into something rather postive. Which partially helped me get through and achieve the award. I have to thank all the important people in my life for all the help, support and love they gave me. Without them I wouln't have gotten that award.
      However, moving onto this year. Upon entering my school again I realised so many things changed inside of it. It wasn't the same school I went to 5 years ago. There were many new teachers, building changes and rule changes. Everything initally felt different. I felt different. And I am still trying to decide whether that's a good or bad thing. Even the smell of the school is creepily different...
 Since I am in year 11, I am in my second year of my GCSE's and on the verge of studying for my exams.
My first exam is for maths, I have my mocks this week. It was so difficult to get into the zone to study for the test. Especially when I had it right after the summer break. In the middle of stressing and wondering how I was going to pull through all the studying, I had a mini existential crises, which kind of helped me realise that having one of those moments will not work right now and I had to STUDY! because I knew that the more stress that I get worked up on, won't help with studying and the exam at all. So I am taking a needed 'brain cooler' today before my second mock exam tomorrow.

Soo, I made a list of tips for dealing with Exam season stress:

  •                 Drink lots of water. Being dehydrated will slow your brain down and make you feel a lot more stressed. Water will cool you down. 
  • Meditate or concentrate on calming yourself before you enter the exam. Research shows that more students passed when they meditated before their exams. Priorly because it calms you down and makes you feel more relaxed. 
  • Have a goal. Look into the future and imagine all of the things you want to achieve and use the exam as a gate towards it
  • Eat. You will burn a lot of calories within studying. Carbs will do you well.
  • Be organised, so that you don't need to worry about not having the right equipment etc. which will lessen the chances of getting stressed
  • Stay positive.  :)

A lot of things are to happen this year, and I know it. It's pretty inevitable. But, it's life. You just gotta stay strong and find the courage to pull through. Forget about all the other drama in your life and focus on the positives. Life will only through you obstacles that you can handle. Stay strong, It WILL get better. :) 

So, to end this blog I would like to wish you all a great academic and work year, May this year be fruitful and joyous to you all. God Bless.


p.s. Good Luck To all the Students taking their exams this year!!!

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