Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Review of the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Cetaphil - Gentle Skin Cleanser

I Absolutely love this product, hands down the best facial cleaner / everyday face wash I have used so far.
In the past I have used: clean and clear, neautrogena and clearasil for my sensitive skin and mild acne. I firmly say that the previous products that I have used were good for a period of time before I did not see any  further improvement on my skin.
I have used this Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser for more then 3 months now and I have noticed that it has reduced my break outs. It hasn't stopped my skin from breaking out, but it has controlled how frequently it happens.
Like I said I do have very sensitive skin and most products either leave my skin too dry or too oily or no visible change whatsoever. Although, I can surely say that this product is very much suitable for oily prone and sensitive skin. It is not too harsh that sensitive skin can redden or break; and it is not too weak either so that it doesn't cleanse the skin at all. It is fragrant free which is good, especially for me since I am very sensitive to fragrant products.
The consistency of the cleanser is not too thick, and leaves a very light film over the skin.
After washing with this product My skin feels very soft and dewy, unlike previous cleansers which have made my skins feel too tight and irritant.
The packaging is good: the bottle is sturdy and easy to balance on curve bathroom surfaces, it is easy to handle with wet hands, the layout of the information and company logo is very simple and not too flashy for my liking.
I recommed to people who have heavier acne problems to use this product and others from the brand Cetaphil.

Other notes
-good formula
-can be used on the body
-can be used with and without water

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