Friday, 22 May 2015

// Altering vintage -- 1 //

New purchase at Bernardo's! 
This cost me 0.99p, which was a great deal as usual.
I can't wait to see what I can do with this piece, and how I may
be able to alter it.



My extremely poor attempt at documentating my day, through the hole in between my thumb and
index finger. Not the best photography style.



  • Me To You bear [gift]
  • Sharpies in a jar
  • Pen Jar
  • Boots lipbalm
  • Hand cream
  • A plaque with 'Therapy' by All Time Low on it [Gift]
  • Fake flowers from Wilkinson, in an old coconut juice bottle
  • Library books on fashion
  • Alexander McQueen - Savage Beauty [such a good visual and biography book]


Monday, 11 May 2015



Shirts top
£8.43 -

MICHAEL Michael Kors skirt
£115 -

Christian Louboutin heels & pumps
£450 -

Chanel messenger bag
£3,730 -

Turquoise necklace
£44 -

Triangle earrings
£29 -

// MY HEAD // --j

My Thoughts...

Okay so here's something a little weird, and a little different.
It's now really really hard for me to disclose what thoughts run through this crazy head of mine, and
I cannot give you any psychology facts because I do not take it. But would rather have a psychologist honestly diagnose that for me.

My brain, as I 'd like to visually discrube it. Is like a photoshop file. Each thought I process every mili-second, is like a quickly produced/edited image with dozens of layers of thoughts blended and overlapped on one another, creating a distorted array of thoughts, feelings, emotions etc.

I can create an infinite gallery of all these images in my head. Which is structured like a maze, and I an running through it. But every now and then I would pass an image I had created in the past, and remiscent.
Some would create colour and texture, and a vibrant aura. Whilst other paintings in my head would connote a sense of dispair because that old memory was either too bittersweet... or just too bitter to even forget. Like, a abstract piece gone wrong.


Tuesday, 5 May 2015