Saturday, 15 March 2014

I am thankful

Right now I've been thinking "wow, girl you are lucky", but that I mean I feel blessed to be surrounded by good people who take care of Me and guide me when I am lost.
My close friends: Radha, Jennie, Riya and Tehreem , who've helped me stay positive and let me share my thoughts and feelings with each of them when I feel bothered or sad.
My Dad who is always open for a late night jamming session with the guitars and heart to heart talks. He gives me advice and stories which help Me with a problems I have, aand assures me that I always have someone to come to.
The same goes to my Momma, who let's me speak my mind about things that bother me or when I feel like I need to tell someone something but don't want to be judged. She's always there.
My little sister who's seen me laugh and cry and bawl behind the scenes. Nobody has seen me at my worst except for her. She's an angel. Always by my side to comfort me and make me smile. Thank you Sis.

If anyanyone I've mentioned reads this I just want you guys to know: I appreciate all your love and support. Even though we have our bad moments and tension, you all have helped me get through difficult times: I wish I have done the same to you as well to you when you needed someone to be by your side. This year is going to be an interesting rride. I hope I will still have each and everyone of you riding sith me. I love you all. And I hope someday you can find this :) (12:32 am - 16/3/14)
-love Jan