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Bio oil as a moisturiser?

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So I am back with a new product review. I should do more of these since I do test quite a range of products. None are high end, sorry to disaapoint high end buyers because I cannot afford them... yet, hopefully!, But, if you are more interested in drugstore products then these kinds of reviews on my blog will be suitable for you.

Background information
So as we are in the midst of spring the weather is in constant fluctuation from hot,cold to humid and breezy. It can irritate your skin quite a lot, compared to winter because generally [here in the UK] it is constantly cold. I used to use the Neutrogena oil free moisturiser, daily and have been using it for the past few years for all seasons, I did not opt for anything else because that mosituriser was in my price range [yes, I know it is quite cheap] and kept my skin generally okay so it did not bother me a lot. However, I still had my constant acne break out here and there, and with the help of other products which I won't go through right now, my skin was teenage girl 'puberty' acceptable. But now that I am maturing I wanted to move onto using actual products that would clear my skin and make it more than just generally 'okay'.

So enough with the long introduction! Let's get on with the review.

These are the main points the packaging says this product helps with
  • Fades scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Ageing skin
  • Dehydrated Skin
and I agree with all of these points.Excludingt the stretch marks only because I have not continuously used it opn my stretch marks as I do tend to forget.

It has reduced my acne scars and dry skin
I've been using Bio Oil as my daily moisturiser for the last month or so and my skin has been very soft, moisturised, and has had minimal acne for atleast 6 consecutive weeks. Which I am super pleased about. My skin is a combination between dry and oily, and Bio Oil has caters for both of those types. I think generally it should work for any skin type. I tend to have quite a lot of dry patches during the winter, so I pay attention to those particular areas on my face by gently massaging the oil into my skin. It feels very rejuvinating when you apply the oil, compared to a cream moisturiser as it glides on more smoothly.  Furthmore, it has faded quite a lot of my acne scars. It has not completetly diminished the scars but it is less noticeable. So now I can opt for using no foundation at all for simple everyday looks, or just a light coverage with either my L'oreal BB cream and my Garnier under eye concealer with a light dusting off face powder.

Q. Is it very oily?

No, it  is not. Upon application, your skin will look quite oily. Yes. However, leave the product for a minute or so to soak into your skin whilst you do something else. Once it has soaked in, your skin should feel and look fairly dewy. You can continue your regular routine. It is good for winter skin as it will keep the dryness at bay, and dewy looking during the warmer seasons.

Wait! a little goes a long way!
Unlike moisturisers were you usually use a large pump. With the oil use about the size of half a penny or less. Too much on your face may make it appear more oily and take longer to soak in. 
You ccan dab it all over your face, then use the tips of your fingers to massage it into your skin. The bottle lasts a long time.

Massaging it in will increase blood circulation on your face and will improve the elasticity of your skin. I use it as a moisturiser both morning and night, and it leaves me skin absolutetly soft. With this product, I only use two-three other products, and the combination works really well for me.

Overall, very happy with this product. 

***little heads up!*** Disclaimer ***
I am not a proffessional dermatologist, so this product may or may not work for you. Neither am I promoting the use, just suggesting it as a trial. If you are unsure of use contact your personal doctor or dermatologist.

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