Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Hello Lovelies!

So honestly, to's come to my attention that all I do is think and not 'do'.
I am the kind of person who has soo many ideas about things I could do, but rarely excercise those ideas.
Does anyone else relate?, I feel like because it's the summer break I want to be more productive yet I procrastinate to an extent that I am here writing a blog about it. Ha-ha.
Here are my my sentiments.
 I really want to film more youtube videos and gain a wider audience, however I lack in motivation and when I end up finishing a projecting I put it off because I always feel they're just not good enough. How do I become more entertaining? I'm usually not that flamboyant in front of the camera even though I really wish I wass. So would it be better if I stand behind it and put my editing skills to better use intstead?

I LOVE being creative! and I am pushing myself to become more creative at home since I have more crafting items to play with. Although I always want to work towards a goal. I don't exactly have one, because I feel that #i make far to big goals - and when I make them smaller I alwasy lose interest.
So what I'm going to try now is to make a list with a few smaller goals which will be equal to one big goal/acheivement.

In my oppinion I feel like writing this out here makes me understand myself a little more, so I guess it's almsot like therapy, haha.

Okay, I shall be posting again soon so check in weekly!


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