Sunday, 2 November 2014

Cable car day

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago I went out to London and rode on the Emirates cable cars! It was a really cool photographic experience and really a little adventure overall.

I took a camera that I borrowed from school along with me during the trip and attempted to be Miss 'I wanna pretend to act like I know how to use a camera' girl and tried to take as many artsy and scenic pictures I could take. I took quite a few and I've tagged them on this post. Considering my lack of usual accuracy and artistic sense in my photography skills I think I did pretty good.

This became quite useful during the cable car ride. I was very a little hesitant at first to go because I have a little fear of heights. But I decided to out my Dora the Explorer persona on and told myself to get out of my comfort zone and do it. Really, you must be thinking "isn't thinking that a bit over reactive," well yes, yes it is.  Nevertheless I still think there's always a risk when trying something spontaneous or involves height. But at the of that day it really made me realise: the only way you should go, is up. Don't over think too much all the time because it's stops creativity and fun; how can you live life with so many limits when really the point in living is to exceed the boundaries of fun and adventure you've been given. I'm the type to stay in my comfort zone and take baby steps outside of that. I'm not saying you should take a leap! But maybe tiptoe in and out of that zone every now and then, and you might now know - it could lead to big positive change not only through experiences but you as a person. I speak through personal revelations. It's really quite refreshing to feel proud of yourself for doing something you didn't expect to do;  in a positive way obviously

So I know going on a cable car that isn't really that high or scary, and isn't worth a lot of interest. But the point here is, it's okay to get off the ground every other once in a while and do something spontaneous, and build meaningful memories.

-Jan :)

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